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5 Animals that Netting can Keep Out of your Garden

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5 Animals that Netting can Keep Out of your Garden

There’s no doubt that the UK has ‘green fingers’. Urban allotments, nostalgia and countless TV stars have persuaded us to pick up a trowel. But what if your share of the estimated £1.4 billion spent on garden plants each year, was destroyed by furry and feathered garden visitors?

Whilst some visits are inevitable, netting protects your plants and ponds from wildlife throughout the year. Here are just five animals whose damage you can limit with Renco Nets.


Netting can keep birds away from your garden’s fruit bushes and trees. For example, a simple fruit cage or net enclosure draped 45 degrees from a wooden fence to the ground, prevents pesky beaks from reaching inside the enclosure.

With a wide choice of colours, the green option in our durable Braided Polyethylene Netting – 50mm won’t stand out against the foliage and allows airflow. Your fruit plants could yield more delicious produce as a result.

You can also use our blue netting as a pond cover, protecting your koi carp from opportunistic birds (and cats).


As we approach the spring months, now is the time to limit how many of your bulbs, flowers, and plant stems will fall foul of these garden visitors.

Slugs and snails can devour your new plants’ leaves, with unsightly bite holes being left. Netting can be hoisted low to the ground to surround your plants or crops to reduce this risk. This will offer your prized plants protection.

Remember to avoid letting the net touch the plants’ surface, or you could be providing access to these hungry critters.


This scenario will be all too familiar if you live in the countryside. Deer (however majestic) can ruin your outdoor space and quickly overstay their welcome.

One humane solution to guarding your vegetables and lawn is erecting a fence made from netting. We’ll cater to your required size and they can be fixed to wooden fence posts or metal railings. Inspect your garden and look out for gaps where deer could enter your garden.

Our pliable black UV-stabilised Twisted Polyethylene Netting 19mm netting is versatile and strong with small holes, to deter hungry creatures from taking a bite. Similarly, some of our netting products can be used to create tubular tree guards around saplings (a favourite snack for deer).


Grey squirrels have been known to dig up bulbs and fully grown plants, disrupt freshly sown seeds, and damage vital telephone wires. Many consider them garden pests.

To stop these fluffy-tailed critters from consuming your tomato plants, simply drape netting over garden cloches or grow tunnel frames. This is particularly useful if you have an allotment that several squirrels like to visit.

Renco netting could be the answer to deter hungry grey squirrels from nibbling your tomatoes.


Keen to keep foxes from destroying your garden’s bulbs?

Or maybe you own chickens and worry they could fall foul of these wiley visitors?

Detering them from visiting your outside space with a ‘halo’ of net fencing around the perimeter, is the first line of defence. When secured tautly, our UV-stabilised Twisted Polyethylene Netting can prevent the access of hungry foxes. This flexible netting has a space of just 28mm between each knot, meaning that the bushy-tailed visitors are likely to go elsewhere.

Whilst it can be difficult to keep your garden or allotment completely free from these five animals, Renco Nets netting goes a long way towards deterring them. It also protects your precious plants and animals should they enter. Call our Lincolnshire office on +44 (0) 1469 575 804 to find the best net for your needs.

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