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5 Reasons to use Polyethylene Netting in your Garden

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5 Reasons to use Polyethylene Netting in your Garden

The result of a continuous process involving the twisted connection of plastic strands or threads, polyethylene netting is a high quality and durable alternative to the polypropylene variety. As the expert net suppliers, we offer this affordable and versatile plastic-textured netting in braided and twisted varieties. Read on to discover why it makes such a good choice for garden projects.

Outstanding UV Resistance

Adding a reliable UV stabiliser during production, Renco Nets ensure that the polyethylene material is protected against the degradation that would otherwise occur as a result of direct sunlight exposure. The stabilisers absorb or screen out the UV radiation, ensuring that the polyethylene remains in the best possible condition. Made using recycled plastic, polyethylene netting is also an eco-friendly choice and will retain its properties after being soaked in water.

Ease of Use

Lightweight polyethylene netting can be fitted easily, without the use of tools. Available in lengths and mesh sizes of your choosing, such netting can be laid across flower or vegetable patches for year-round protection. It is also an affordable and safe alternative to wooden trellis and fencing. String or zip ties may be used for secure attachment in such instances.

Wide-ranging Suitability

High density polyethylene netting is suitable for everything from the support of growing plants to screening and protection against birds and bugs. It can be draped over flowers, vegetables and other plants in order to keep the ravenous critters at bay. The 19mm twisted polyethylene netting comes highly recommended for such purposes.

We also offer these varieties of polyethylene netting:

Easy Access (for the green-fingered)

Tight enough for the deterrence of hungry pests, the gaps of the mesh polyethylene netting will allow for the monitoring of your plants. However, it is advisable to lift the edges on occasion to ensure the sufficient intake of water and sunlight. You should also replace the polyethylene netting if it shows the signs of wear and tear.

Made Bespoke to Your Needs

Renco Nets offer the bespoke production of polyethylene netting in a variety of application-specific materials and colours to suit your outdoor space. This will ensure that the netting blends with the natural surrounds and matches up well with any barriers that you’ve installed. Lightly coloured polyethylene netting is considered the best gardening choice as it allows for optimum visibility protection.

Buy from Renco Nets

The most effective and non-harmful way of keeping your produce protected against pests and predators, polyethylene netting is an essential gardening purchase. Go ahead and make an online enquiry or give us a call on 01469 575 804 to discuss your order.

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