Industrial Netting

Renco provide solutions for all of your Industrial netting needs. All of our Industrial netting solutions are made in sizes to suit your desired application.

Fine Mesh Sheets -The fine mesh sheets in air-permeable PVC coated polyethylene (PE.) completely edged in PVC and supplied with 8mm shock cord (elastic) cord or 6mm rope ties and brass eyelet approx. every 3′ along edges of the fine mesh netting.

Skip nets and brick Nets: 1.5″ square mesh in Black Braided Polyethylene Netting in 3.0mm twine 2” square mesh in Green, black, Braided Polyethylene Netting in 4.0mm twine All nets are supplied with a rope border and 6mm sealed rope ties approx every 3′. The corners of the nets are identified by different coloured ties.