Whether it’s being used in a children’s soft play area or on an industrial site, it’s important that any netting you might have is not only strong, but safe as well.

It’s why we were the first company to offer flame-retardant netting in the UK. In fact, we’re still one of the largest.

The material we developed and use in our nets is tested and certified to British, European and M1 standards...

But interestingly, it’s not made how you might think it is.

You see our flame-retardant netting is actually woven using material that is itself flame-retardant.

Usually you would find a manufacturer would make the net as normal and then coat the net in a flame-retardant substance.

This can be perfectly effective and safe, but it does have drawbacks and isn’t quite as long lasting. There’s more chance of the coating wearing off.

Our flame-retardant netting is woven using materials that have already been treated.

This gives our flame-retardant netting a much more durable quality and it even retains it’s safety qualities after being soaked in water.


Ideal for any situation

Our most popular flame-retardant netting is our anti-climb flame-retardant netting and it is extremely versatile.

It can be used as a safety net for children’s play areas, as it is tightly woven and almost impossible for little ones to climb. Plus, as it’s flame-retardant, it adds another level of safety.

As the netting is non-combustible, it can also be used in industrial environments or as debris or containment netting. The 8mm honeycomb design and the fact it’s crafted from our flame-retardant polyester makes it extremely durable.

If you’re looking for strong and safe netting, either to act as a barrier for a children’s play area or as a cordon on an industrial site, or you need to replace your existing debris netting – get in touch.

We can tell you more about how the netting is designed and figure out the best measurements for your specific need.

You can contact us Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm on 01469 575804 and we’ll be happy to help with any netting you need for your business.