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The Winning Net: How Renco Nets Elevate Sports Performance

In the exhilarating world of sports, precision and reliability are paramount. As enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals, we understand the pivotal role that sports netting plays in elevating the game to new heights. Renco Nets, a distinguished name in the realm of sports net manufacturing, craft nets that are tailored for each game with an unwavering commitment to quality and durability.

Unparalleled Expertise:

As recommended sports net manufacturers, our Nets are meticulously designed to withstand the impacts of balls and players alike. They...
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Using Netting to Protect Your Trees and Shrubs

If you’re a regular reader of the Renco Nets blog then you’ll know that our tailor-made nets can provide vital year-round garden protection. Tying in with this theme, we highlight the best ways of using our netting products to keep birds, insects and other hungry critters away from your trees and shrubs.

Taking your measurements

It’s essential that you buy enough netting for the plant (or part of the plant) that you want to cover. You can find the amount needed to...
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Merry Christmas from Renco Nets: We’ll Be Back in The New Year

What a challenging year it’s been. Thankfully, for many, it’s finally coming to a close. Here at Renco we’re glad to have been able to continue serving our clients, old and new, in as normal a way as possible over the past few months. That said, it has been tough, and we are certainly looking forward to things getting a little more normal in the New Year. Still, we would like to take this opportunity to wish a very merry Christmas and a happy...
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Britain’s Relationship with Europe Might Be Changing, But Ours Isn’t

We’re looking forward to opening again from our Christmas break on Monday 4th January. And, despite the ongoing restrictions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re happy to say we’re still able to supply all your rope and netting needs as normal. Whatever you might need, be it multifilament soft rope, a hard-wearing cargo net or coloured nylon twine... We can supply it for you, quickly and cost-effectively. But of course, as we head in to 2021, it’s not just the coronavirus that...
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Coronavirus Update: Continuing to Provide Our Clients with The Rope and Netting You Need

As you’ll no doubt be aware, the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to impact everyone here in the UK and, indeed, around the world. As we write this, our region is moving into Tier 3 of the new restrictions. But naturally, the situation is changing every day. The good news is, we are still open and able to provide all of our clients—old and new—with all the rope and netting you need. Indeed, we thought it would be useful to run through the question...
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Simple Answers to Ten Questions You Might Have About Rope and Netting

We get a lot of questions in from new and existing clients about the different types of rope and netting we provide and about the service we offer. In case you’re searching around look for an answer to a specific question, we thought it would be useful to put a load of answers in one place. Of course, if there’s a specific question you have that isn’t answered here, just let us know. You can always call direct on 01469 575 804 or...
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Making Soft Play Safe Again: How We’re Helping Get Children’s Soft Play Centres Ready for The Public

It might come as a surprise, but perhaps the biggest industry we provide rope and netting to these days is the children’s soft play industry. Before the lockdown children’s soft play had become one of the UK’s fastest growing industries, providing parents with an ideal way to keep their kids entertained in an active and stimulating way. However, the lockdown hit centres hard and it was saddening to see many children’s soft play centres unable to cope with the forced drop in...

Local, National or Even Further Afield: We Can Supply All the Netting You Need

Here at Renco Nets, we’re proud to be the go-to netting supplier for businesses of all different shapes and sizes. And it’s a pleasure to be able to supply our clients whether they’re based locally here in Lincolnshire, elsewhere around the UK or even abroad in Europe and further afield. Our position here on the East Coast of England is ideal for being able to supply businesses in the North, South and the Midlands. Indeed, with almost all of the netting products we...

Some Questions You Might Have About Renco Nets During Coronavirus Lockdown

Despite the lockdown, we know work goes on for many of our clients and for businesses where rope and netting are needed. Though we’re working a little differently right now, we want to make sure people know we’re here to help if we can. Indeed, here are some quick answers to questions you might be wondering about right now:

Are you still open and able to supply netting and rope?

Yes. Though we’re following government guidance, keeping a close eye on what’s happening...
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Continuing to Support Our Clients During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The continuing spread of coronavirus is hitting businesses up and down the country hard. As more and more of us self-isolate, avoid crowded spaces and cut down on socialising, we understand it will be a challenging time for a great number of businesses. We can reassure our clients that, for the time being, we’ll continue to operate as close as possible to normal. At the same time, we’ll be observing the highest level of hygiene here at Renco Nets to help stop the...