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Your Handy Guide To Roping Materials

There are such a wide variety of roping materials that you may struggle when it comes to selecting the ideal type for your purposes. Apart from the cost, you should consider factors such as the material strength, grip, and feel. The wrong choice could put you and your prized possessions at direct risk. However, you’ll be able to take confidence in your roping selection after reading this helpful guide. Polypropelene Lightweight and durable; polypropylene roping is commonly preferred for marine applications....
Frayed rope

How to Stop Rope from Fraying

Whether you are cutting rope for the creation of boating deck lines or the hanging of tools, you can expect rapid fraying. This happens when the end of the rope breaks off into loose strands. It will continue and cause the rope to become unusable unless you take preventative measures. The appropriate choice of such measures will depend largely on whether you are using natural or synthetic rope. Read on to discover the method that suits you best. Applying Heat Heat...