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Answering Your Football Net Questions

The beautiful game deserves a durable, weatherproof and expertly constructed net from Renco Nets. The goalposts are the crowning glory of your pitch and need to withstand goals. They also have the added practicality of stopping the ball. Step forward Renco Nets’ Braided Polyethylene Netting. We’re often asked key questions about this vital sports netting. As recommended sport net manufacturers, we wanted to give our perspective on the sourcing of new netting for your leisure centre, school, club or garden...
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What to Consider when Buying Football Nets

So, it’s down to you to select the best quality netting for your football team. You appreciate the importance of choosing netting that can withstand firmly struck shots and exposure to the elements. However, there are a wide choice of football nets available and you’re unsure which is best suited to your club. Not to worry, as you’ll be able to buy with confidence after reading this handy guide. There are three main types of football nets to choose from: Standard -...
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The Heavy-duty Uses of Netting & Twine

Whether you have a need for the covering of landfill waste or warehouse stock, our netting supplies are highly recommended. However, you may be unsure of the appropriate choice, given the range of materials available. There’s no need to worry as we detail the most common heavy duty uses in this blog.

Play area safety

Our flame-retardant braided polyethylene netting is perfectly suited to the construction of safe outdoor play areas. Available in a choice of blue or green, this cost-effective...
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Top Tips for the Maintenance of Sports Netting

So, you realise the need for high quality sports netting, but are concerned about the damage that may be caused as a result of exposure to inclement weather and high-impact activities. Such damage will inevitably result in your having to pay out for repair and replacement. However, you can increase the durability of your sports netting by following the maintenance recommendations in this blog.

Routine Netting Inspections

Sports netting may degrade as a result of everyday stretching, contact abrasion, or exposure to...
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Why Polyethylene is the Material of Choice for Sports Netting

With spring having sprung and the social distancing measures being relaxed our thoughts are turning to outdoor sports. Children and adults are looking forward to showcasing their skills in sports such as football, cricket, and tennis. Now is the ideal time to prepare your outdoor facilities, ensuring that you have safe and durable netting in place. Polyethylene (otherwise known as polyethylene or PE) is our recommended material for indoor and outdoor netting. Produced in great quantities throughout the world and traditionally...
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Simple Answers to Ten Questions You Might Have About Rope and Netting

We get a lot of questions in from new and existing clients about the different types of rope and netting we provide and about the service we offer. In case you’re searching around look for an answer to a specific question, we thought it would be useful to put a load of answers in one place. Of course, if there’s a specific question you have that isn’t answered here, just let us know. You can always call direct on 01469 575 804 or...
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Hit For Six: How Netting Is Used In Sport

When it comes to the use of nets in sport, you’d be surprised at how many different ways they can be used beyond the typical image of a criss-cross white net strung up between goal posts. Here are six other sports we provide netting for:


After football, this is probably the most obvious candidate. Most often nets are used in cricket for practice areas, so players can swing for six without some poor fielder having to run to the boundary...