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Simple Answers to Ten Questions You Might Have About Rope and Netting

We get a lot of questions in from new and existing clients about the different types of rope and netting we provide and about the service we offer. In case you’re searching around look for an answer to a specific question, we thought it would be useful to put a load of answers in one place. Of course, if there’s a specific question you have that isn’t answered here, just let us know. You can always call direct on 01469 575 804...
Football Nets

Hit For Six: How Netting Is Used In Sport

When it comes to the use of nets in sport, you’d be surprised at how many different ways they can be used beyond the typical image of a criss-cross white net strung up between goal posts. Here are six other sports we provide netting for: 1. CRICKET NETS After football, this is probably the most obvious candidate. Most often nets are used in cricket for practice areas, so players can swing for six without some poor fielder having to run to the...