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Christmas Netting

The Essential Netting Supplies for Christmas

The high-quality netting supplies we manufacture at Renco Nets have a range of applications in the run-up to Christmas. Available in a range of thicknesses and festive colours, many of our products are engineered for resistance to the elements. Add in some rope and twine, and there are four indoor/outdoor essentials you’ll need during this exciting season and beyond. Braided Polyethylene Netting - 50mm Square Mesh 4mm thickness Available in Christmas shades including green, red and yellow (as well...

Five Times When You Should Use Twine

Our 4mm Braided Polyethylene Twine is a workhorse of a cord. Available in a wide range of colours, it has the strength, flexibility and moisture resistance to help you complete a range of tasks. Continue reading to learn when this synthetic product is the best for the job.

Maintaining Play Areas

We would recommend maintaining soft play areas and playground apparatus regularly. The twine we sell is ideal for repairing netting of the same diameter and...

Rope vs Twine – A Helpful Comparison

Whether you are seeking rope and twine for commercial, industrial or domestic needs, knowing the difference will ensure you order the right cordage for the job. Both of these materials are certified to British and European standards, with a fire-retardancy that won’t be compromised by water. Learn the ropes (and twine) with our helpful guide.

Who invented them?

It is believed that the earliest rope-making tools were developed by the Ancient Egyptian civilisation, whose water reed ropes date between 3,500...

How Twine is Made

At Renco Nets we sell durable braided nylon and polyethylene twine for a variety of industries. Used either in strand form or as part of our trusty nets, twine is an essential part of the gardeners’, crafters’, builders’ and fishing fleets’ arsenal. But have you ever stopped to consider how this multipurpose marvel is created? Discover the manufacturing processes of synthetic (braided) twine below.

Twine Creation – A Brief History

Twine creation has come a long way over the centuries. The Ancient Egyptians...
Soft Play Netting

The Heavy-duty Uses of Netting & Twine

Whether you have a need for the covering of landfill waste or warehouse stock, our netting supplies are highly recommended. However, you may be unsure of the appropriate choice, given the range of materials available. There’s no need to worry as we detail the most common heavy duty uses in this blog.

Play area safety

Our flame-retardant braided polyethylene netting is perfectly suited to the construction of safe outdoor play areas. Available in a choice of blue or green, this cost-effective...
twine in various colours

The Top 5 Uses of Twine

Wikipedia defines twine (otherwise known as baler twine) as a type of light string or strong thread which is made from “two or more smaller strands or yarns twisted together”. The use of twine has been traced back to the stone age; with clothing and baskets being made by the hunter-gatherers. While twine has traditionally been made from natural fibres, such as cotton, jute; Renco Nets offer nylon and polyethylene varieties. Keep on reading as we share the various purposes...

Nylon or Polyethylene: If You’re Looking for Twine, We’ve Got Exactly What You Need

Yes, we might be called Renco Nets… But sometimes it’s not netting our clients are actually after. We actually supply businesses up and down the country with a huge amount of the raw material. We’re talking about twine. You can take a look at the full range of different twines we have available here: See all of our Twine here. Essentially, when it comes to twine, you’ve got two main types. There’s nylon twine and polyethylene twine. Though they are quite similar to the untrained eye,...

Finding The Right Twine For The Job

Considering it’s just a few pieces of yarn woven together, you might think it’s strange we dedicate an entire section of our website to twine. But the truth is... Not only is twine extremely useful in a huge variety of ways, there are more types of twine than you might think. Here at Renco Nets we supply a large selection of different twines that are available in different thicknesses, different materials and different colours. It might be you’re looking to repair fishing nets, fix...