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Nylon or Polyethylene: If You’re Looking for Twine, We’ve Got Exactly What You Need

Yes, we might be called Renco Nets… But sometimes it’s not netting our clients are actually after. We actually supply businesses up and down the country with a huge amount of the raw material. We’re talking about twine. You can take a look at the full range of different twines we have available here: See all of our Twine here. Essentially, when it comes to twine, you’ve got two main types. There’s nylon twine and polyethylene twine. Though they are quite similar to the untrained eye,...

Finding The Right Twine For The Job

Considering it’s just a few pieces of yarn woven together, you might think it’s strange we dedicate an entire section of our website to twine. But the truth is... Not only is twine extremely useful in a huge variety of ways, there are more types of twine than you might think. Here at Renco Nets we supply a large selection of different twines that are available in different thicknesses, different materials and different colours. It might be you’re looking to repair fishing nets,...