Bespoke Netting Suppliers

As expert safety net suppliers we have all the materials that are ever likely to be needed to create an environment that’s safe for both indoors and out, including our popular 4mm netting. Using "knotless" Polypropylene Nets (soft feel with woven meshes) and "knotted" Braided Polyethylene (plastic feel joined with knotted meshes - very durable), we can join the net to any length you require. You can also restrict access of young adventurers to areas where they shouldn’t be climbing, by using our Flame Retardant Anti-Climb netting. Anti-Climb variants have a very small mesh (8mm) that it’s impossible for little feet to get into, so they stay firmly on the ground.

We offer a range of different nets, all with different purposes, like garden netting, plant protection or bird netting for example.

If you require your net to have a sewn polypropylene rope edging for an additional £0.30m2 (as shown on the image on the right), then please call or email and we shall be happy to assist you.