16mm Polypropylene Rope – Various Colours

16mm rope is made from polypropylene yarn construction and is available in-


Supplied on a 220m Coil – Can cut to requested length.

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This 16mm rope is made from synthetic Polypropylene, is available in a variety of colours and is supplied on a yarn coil.

With a shiny, soft composition, this 16mm rope is rot-proof, weather-resistant, UV-resistant, very light, has a high abrasion resistance and is also temperature resistant. Polypropylene has a very good chemical resistance to petrol, diesel, lubricants and weak caustic solutions, alkalis and cleaning agents. This rope also floats and as a result is commonly used by large and small companies for a variety of commercial uses.

Polypropylene is essentially a thermoplastic polymer. Along with the physical versatility of this rope, the variety of colours we have available is also a selling point for companies. Vivid rope colours are the best way to indicate a rope’s purpose when using multiple ropes for a variety of different tasks.

The polypropylene rope can be easily knotted and plaited, is dimensionally stable, runs smoothly over pulleys and does not harden.