3mm Braided Nylon Twine – Various Colours

3mm Braided Nylon Twine – Ideal for Fishing, Rabbit Purse Nets

180m/kg 1kg per sp

Available in Black/White/Red/Blue/Green/Yellow

3.0mm Twine Nylon



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This 3mm Twine is made from Braided Nylon, is supplied as 180m/kg 1kg/sp and is available in a variety of different colours.


Our 3mm nylon twine is high quality, but light and easy to use. The versatility of the nylon cord in the twine makes it perfect for a range of industrial uses, as well as fishing and making rabbit purse nets. It is the perfect product to repair any 3mm netting, whatever the application.


It’s similar to lightweight polypropylene twine but considered to have greater shock absorbency.

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Weight1 kg