Twisted Polyethylene Netting 28mm 10/12 – Black

Twisted Polyethylene Netting – 28mm Square mesh 10/12

Netting Spec 28mm Tw Pe 10.12mm1


This 28mm Square mesh 10/12 Twisted Polyethylene Netting is UV stabilised, lightweight and flexible. It lasts longer than the 19mm 12/6 variant due to the thicker twine.

28mm Square mesh 10/12 twisted polyethylene netting is primarily for the control of birds, but is also perfect for a wide range of uses within Horticulture, Agriculture and Sports including use as Golf perimeter fencing so balls don’t go astray.

For sports use, the thicker twine used in this netting means that you can rely on the durability and practice your chosen sport for hours on end, honing your skills at any opportunity. Perfect for any football club, cricket club, golf club or any tennis court.

Excellent for gardens and plant netting these nets can also repel vermin.