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Spiders Web - Made from Polypropylene Rope


Chevron (Rainbow) Polyethylene Netting - 50mm/4mm

Buoy Swing

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Quick Overview

Our Buoy Swing is made with 16mm Polypropylene Rope and made to specification. Various lengths of rope are available and there is a wide selection of colours to choose from, all included in the price.

Buoy Swings are a creative addition to outdoor and indoor play areas and hang from above. A challenging alternative to a regular swing, a ball swing like this allows 360 degree movement to swing forwards, backwards or in an orbiting motion. Buoy Swings stimulate the imagination whilst helping to develop body strength in growing children.

They are also incredibly fun and encourage unstructured play which makes them popular with children. The options to push,
pull, climb and swing make our buoy swings a versatile addition to any play area. One element that makes buoy swings so popular is that they are often one of few features of a play area that are controllable by the user. Some children will focus on movable objects like this as it grants them the ability to control some of their surroundings in a safe and fun way.

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