Polypropylene Knotless Netting 45mm Square Mesh 3mm -Various

Polypropylene netting (Knotless) 45mm square mesh 3mm in various colours and made to specification.


Edging available for an extra £0.30p /Sq.m.




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Polypropylene Netting which is entirely interwoven, no knots – 45mm square mesh and 3mm diameter. This knotless Polypropylene netting comes in a variety of colours, is strong, very durable and the overall look is excellent.

This interwoven knotless net is extremely safe for interactive play areas and is produced from a next-generation material that is the best on the market today. Suitable for bouncy castles, trampolines and indoor play areas.

With no knots whatsoever, our special knotless weave means that playful children are safe from catching their fingers and soft skin, as no part of the netting sticks out. We highly recommend our polypropylene knotless netting for any indoor play area. It is an advanced and modern netting which is also highly suited to bouncy castles and trampoline safety.

**Edging available for an extra £0.30p /Sq.m.**