Play and Leisure Netting

Renco Nets have an important role to play in keeping children safe whilst they enjoy childrens play area equipment and ‘adventurous’ play on childrens climbing nets. We have all the climbing netting materials that are ever likely to be needed to create an environment that is safe for young people, both indoors and out. Our play nets material and childrens playground equipment includes nylon, polyester and polypropylene cords, using a variety of construction methods. Whether you want an outdoor cargo climbing net, soft play netting, rope ladders or want to install a play rope bridge, Renco Nets have everything you need.

We make all of our ropeworks to your specifications - Spiders Webs, Cargo Netting, Bridges and more, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If you do not see what you require on this site, then please contact us.

Knotted (Polyethylene) netting is the most hard-wearing, and is therefore most commonly used alongside Ropeworks for scramble net play area installations. Repeatedly proving to be the strongest, most stable and durable net available. Because it is knotted, we can seamlessly join the netting to any length required. Furthermore, we can restrict access of young adventurers to areas where they shouldn’t be climbing by using our flame retardant anti-climb netting.

Anti-climb nets have a very small mesh that it’s impossible for little feet to get into, so they stay firmly on the ground.

Renco Nets take playing and playground design very seriously with our play and leisure nets! The ideal school playground equipment manufactured by Renco. With any climbing net uk standards and quality specifications are always upheld as a priority.