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soft play net
You’d be forgiven for thinking netting is a pretty simple business. A net’s a net, right? Wrong. You’d be surprised just how many industries we work across here at Renco Nets. Whether you’re a Sunday football team in need of nets for the goals or an international construction company looking to keep your site safe… it could be one of our nets you’re looking for.Read More
13 Jun 2018 12:06:35 By Renco Nets Latest News,
To be successful in any industry, you’ve simply got to go the extra mile to make sure your customers feel special. It’s why, here at Renco Nets, we always strive to provide the personal touch for all our clients. When we started out, there was rarely an industry event we didn’t attend. As often as we could we’d drop into exhibitions all over Europe to say hello and introduce ourselves in person. Doing so helped us build up a loyal network of contacts that soon became lasting clients.Read More
4 Jun 2018 17:32:45 By Renco Nets Latest News,

We’ve seen a lot change in the 30 years we’ve been manufacturing netting here at Renco Nets, but one thing has remained constant throughout…our rope.

Though we’ve seen demand for different types of netting change, from coarse nets for fishing to soft nets for children’s soft play, the types of rope we use have largely stayed the same. We’ve been working with four key types - polypropylene, poly hemp, yarn construction and nylon – for over three decades.

But it’s certainly not ‘money for old rope’, as they say. As the netting industry has become so competitive, another thing we’ve seen change is the price of rope, it’s been steadily increasing for a while now. As a result, today we source materials not just from Europe but also from suppliers all over the world.

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17 May 2018 15:07:24 By Renco Nets Latest News,
When our Managing Director, Rene Jorgensen, first landed on the shores of the Humber Bank back in 1988, he hardly expected to be heading-up one of the UK’s most highly-respected netting manufactures all these years later. But, as we prepare to celebrate our 30th birthday this month, Rene – and everyone here at Renco Nets – are delighted to still be leading the industry forward. And more importantly, we’re so excited to see what the next 30 will bring.Read More
8 May 2018 09:53:02 By Renco Nets Latest News,
Net making is an ancient craft that goes back thousands of years. From the earliest rudimentary branch nets used for fishing to the modern polyethylene meshes used to shield crops…it’s a craft that takes longer to master than you might expect.Read More
13 Apr 2018 11:46:38 By Renco Nets Latest News,
Every year, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) compiles a list of items that represent the average UK shopping basket. It includes a lot of what you’d expect…various fruits and vegetables, tea and coffee, some essential items of clothing. Chocolate is in there, of course. And so is beer and wine. But when the basket was updated recently for 2018, as well as flavoured cider, jigsaws and non-dairy milk, there was one addition you might not have expected…children’s soft play sessions.Read More
5 Apr 2018 16:49:00 By Renco Nets Latest News,
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