Twisted Polyethylene Netting 19mm 12/6- Black

19mm Square mesh 12/6 Twisted Polyethylene Netting

Netting Spec 19mm Tw Pe 12.6mm


19mm Square mesh 12/6 Twisted Polyethylene Netting is lightweight, very flexible and UV stabilized to protect the net from degradation.

It is more lightweight than some of our other products used for sports netting, which makes it a good choice for use on the training ground where you might be required to move your netting around regularly. The versatility of our 19mm square mesh netting does not effect its durability and performance however. Hand-made to withstand regular use and the elements, this netting is perfectly suited to repeat outdoor or indoor use.

This net repels vermin and great for the garden to be used as plant netting. This netting also controls birds and has a wide range of uses in a variety of sports such as cricket and football.