Bespoke Spiders Web – Variety of colours

Spiders Web nets are made with 12mm or 16mm Polypropylene, Polyester or Multifilament Rope.

A wide range of different colours or mix and match multiple colours.

Spider Web nets are made to specification and are constructed expertly by hand to be highly durable.

Please call or email with your specifications to order

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Rope ‘web’ surround with central ‘spider’ hole for little ones to climb though.

Spider Web nets are made with 16mm Polypropylene Rope. Expertly made by hand, to be highly durable and longlasting. You can choose from a wide range of available colours and even mix and match.

Spider Web climbing nets are designed for indoor play areas and playgrounds. An installed net will provide years of use with minimal maintenance. As part of any interactive play system, a Spider Web net can be joined to existing rope and netting structures such as climbing sections, fencing and bridges to offer an all round highly enjoyable experience for children, developing their physical attributes whilst stimulating their imaginative minds.

Spiders web netting makes for a fun feature and adds another element to any play area. The spider connotations provide excitement for any child with an active imagination, which will be every child in the play area!