6mm Polypropylene 3 Strand Spiltfilm Rope – Blue/Black

6mm Polypropylene 3 strand splitfilm rope

Available in Black/Blue

Supplied on a 220m Coil – can cut to any length

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This 6mm rope is a split film rope made from weather-resistant polypropylene and is widely used as a lashing rope, guide rope, building rope, marine rope, scaffolding and transport rope, agricultural, industrial and for domestic applications.

This 6mm rope is a Split Film Rope made from 3 strands of Polypropylene, is available in blue or black and purchased on a 220m coil. It is highly flexible and very easy to handle. The rope also floats and is resistant to rotting and shrinking.

Split film rope is widely used as a lashing or guide rope in building, marine, scaffolding, transport, agricultural, industrial and domestic applications. Our 6mm Polypropylene Rope is one of the most versatile ropes available online.