Children’s soft-play sessions are fast becoming a British tradition thanks to Renco - Renco Nets Ltd

Children’s soft-play sessions are fast becoming a British tradition thanks to Renco

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Children’s soft-play sessions are fast becoming a British tradition thanks to Renco

Every year, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) compiles a list of items that represent the average UK shopping basket.

It includes a lot of what you’d expect…various fruits and vegetables, tea and coffee, some essential items of clothing. Chocolate is in there, of course. And so is beer and wine.

But when the basket was updated recently for 2018, as well as flavoured cider, jigsaws and non-dairy milk, there was one addition you might not have expected…children’s soft play sessions.

It wasn’t a surprise to us.

Here at Renco Nets, demand for our soft-play nets has been steadily increasing for many years now. It’s clear interest in soft-play sessions and dedicated venues all over the UK is growing by the day.

And there’s little wonder…

Soft-play venues provide parents with a vibrant, exciting and, most importantly, safe environment to entertain their children. Soft-play is fun, engaging and is an enormous help in keeping children active.

As The Telegraph reports:
“Soft play areas are a fantastic secret weapon in any parent’s arsenal of activities to keep the kids (from toddlers to pre-teens) entertained, providing a safe and fun physical activity.”

Indeed, we’ve seen soft-play come a long way since the days of a trawler net tucked away in the corner of a pub and a few plastic balls.

From tiny pub corners to entire warehouses

After starting out as small areas in family-orientated pubs, a few years ago entire venues dedicated to soft-play started to spring up all over the UK.

In the North East Lincolnshire alone, as well as soft-play areas in many of the local pubs, there are dedicated venues like The Captain’s Cove, The Magic Castle and Time 4 Play.

Here at Renco Nets, we were instrumental in helping the industry to develop. In fact, we were one of the first netting companies to provide rope in different colours. Firms looking to install soft-play areas began asking us for increasingly more colourful and complex nets, which we were only too happy to provide.

What started out as simple trawler netting has since developed into bespoke designs that aim to meet whatever brief our clients might set.

Whether it’s an outdoor cargo climbing net for kids to clamber over, a rope ladder for them to reach new heights or even a swashbuckling rope bridge for them to cross, we’re able to offer entirely bespoke designs and set ups that make it quick and easy for you to install.

So, if you’re thinking about building a soft-play area, or if you’re looking to expand an existing one, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we could provide you with a sound, secure and safe solution.

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