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Using Netting To Create The Ideal Playground

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Using Netting To Create The Ideal Playground

Children across the UK have struggled with the impacts of the lockdown over the last year. Indeed, it’s been reported that one in six young people have a probable mental illness at present. This compares with the one in nine who experienced mental health issues before the pandemic took hold.

However, there has been some excellent news, with Boris Johnson announcing the reopening of schools from the 8th of March. Now is the time to be making plans that will allow the nation’s children to recover and thrive once again.

Outdoor play will be key as we make the gradual return to normality. And with 1 in 8 UK households not having a garden, the school playground will be the only place in which many children can play.

Renco Nets will be playing our part as we continue to supply netting for the creation of safe and enjoyable playgrounds. Check out some of the excellent uses that can be made of kid-friendly netting below.

Rope Bridge

The rope bridge is the favourite place for many children to play out their pirate-themed games. Our sturdy v-rope bridge is also ideally suited to the linking of different playground areas. It can be made to your specifications, with a choice of colours and sizes to suit the design of your school playground.

Combination Rope Ladder

No children’s obstacle course would be complete without the addition of a rope ladder (also known as the wobbly ladder). These ladders are strong and durable enough for the support of children and adults. They are available in a range of lengths. We can even make customised vertical ladders for connection to treehouses (or pirate ships).

Cargo Net

Your children are sure to be excited at the prospect of building their climbing skills on the cargo grab net. Made from highly durable polyethylene and ensuring a high level of support these cargo nets are ideal for indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Children will build their hand-eye co-ordination, strength, and balance as they make their way up and down the open netting. We’re even able to provide widely meshed cargo nets for obstacle courses and the very biggest of kids.

Spider’s Web

The multi-coloured spider’s web is sure to fire up the imagination and excitement of your young children. Available in a range of specifications, our expertly hand-made spider webs nets are designed for ultimate durability.

Contact Us

We do hope that this blog has inspired you to create a playground that can be enjoyed for many years to come. However, if you have any questions about the suitability or safety features of play and leisure netting then you should get in touch with Renco Nets.

We’ll draw on our many years of experience to make recommendations based on the amount of space, time, and money for the construction of your playground. You can be assured that all of our playground netting products are designed for high-level safety and enjoyment.

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