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Keeping Your Pets Safe with Renco Nets

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Keeping Your Pets Safe with Renco Nets

If you read our last blog on how to protect your plants this spring then you’ll be aware that our nets can be used as an effective safeguard against invasive pests. However, you might not have realised that they can also keep rabbits, dogs and other small animals safe from harm. Made from the highest-quality materials our nets are ideal for the creation of pet-friendly indoor and outdoor environments.

Read on as we highlight the range of protective uses in this blog.

Balcony & window netting

We know that cats love to explore freely, both indoors and out. However, you’ll want to ensure that their nine lives are put at as little risk as possible. Thankfully you can prevent them from jumping from high balconies and through windows with our safe and durable netting. Made in lengths of your choice and featuring small mesh, our netting will keep your feline friends from any big falls.

Outdoor enclosure

Inquisitive by nature, your dogs may well be tempted to venture beyond the confines of your garden or driveway. However, you can use the sturdy polyethylene netting to keep them safely enclosed. Lightweight and flexible, this netting can be easily moved for the prevention of access to different areas of your garden. It can also be used for the enclosure of chicken runs and fruit cages.

Garden fencing

With its tight mesh, our polyethylene netting is suitable for the fenced enclosure of rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. The fenced enclosure can be securely positioned in order to prevent doe-eyed rabbits from eating your crops. And you could add an electrified perimeter in order to keep foxes and other predatory animals at bay.

Polyethylene netting can also be used for the following purposes:

  • Protecting poultry from birds of prey
  • Preventing birds from defacing facades and other public spaces with their droppings
  • Enclosing fruit trees and vegetable patches.

Of course you’ll want to minimise the amount of risk, both to your pets and any other animals that might come into contact with your netting. We advise placing your netting 18in above the ground and ensuring that the mesh is tight enough that animals won’t be able to get through it. And do get in touch with the RSPCA if you do find any animals that have been caught up in your netting.

Choose Renco Nets

From the thickness of the material to the suitability of attachment to fencing panels, there are various factors that should be considered in your choice of netting. However, you can rely on Renco Nets for expert advice and recommendations. We even offer a bespoke netting making service, with application-specific materials and colours to suit your needs.Give us a call on +44 (0) 1469 575 804 or email for more information.

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