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Keep Those Pests At Bay: How Renco Nets Is Helping To Protect Agricultural Businesses

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Keep Those Pests At Bay: How Renco Nets Is Helping To Protect Agricultural Businesses

If you’ve ever tried to grow fruit or vegetables in your garden, you’ll know keeping annoying animals and bothersome birds at bay can be a real challenge…

But if you work in the agricultural industry, you’ll understand the problem steps up to a whole new level. Whether it’s mice, rats, birds or bugs…keeping pests off your crops is essential to the success of any agricultural business.

Thankfully, here at Renco Nets, we have plenty of experience providing anti-vermin netting to a wide range of companies.

We understand not all pest control situations are the same. Different problems require different solutions. It’s why we offer a variety of nets, each using different types of mesh and various materials depending on the specific pest problem your business might have.

For example, it might be your business requires netting that keeps the birds’ pecking beaks away but allows bees to go about their business, pollinating flowers and helping nature run its course. In such cases we’re able to provide a custom size mesh that blocks birds, but lets bees bumble on through.

In addition to the size of the mesh, we’re also able to use certain types of material some vermin dislike. This helps deter any unwanted trespassing and keeps your assets well protected.

No crop too big

The other key challenge we find our agricultural clients face is the sheer size of their need. Often crops will span vast fields and it can be tough to find nets big enough.

That’s not a problem we have here at Renco Nets. We’re able to provide almost any custom size you require. Our ability to make large, seamless nets will see you covered whether you’ve got an acre to protect or a few courgettes and cabbages on an allotment.

When it comes to the agricultural industry, we understand the demands on land and how much success rides on a good crop. It’s why all of our agricultural nets are made to the highest quality and we go to great lengths to make sure we meet the specific needs of each client.

So, when it comes to arranging protection for your agricultural businesses’ most valuable asset, make sure you get the expert advice you need by giving us a call. We’ll figure out the best netting solution for you and make sure your crops stay pest-free. You can reach out and call us anytime from 8am to 4pm on 01469 575 804.

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