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New Year, New Netting: Take This Opportunity to Refresh Your Stock

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New Year, New Netting: Take This Opportunity to Refresh Your Stock

2020 is finally behind us and despite starting the year in lockdown, it does seem that things are slowly but surely heading in the right direction.

We hope it continues that way.

We’re excited to be back here at Renco Nets and have enjoyed catching up with clients on the telephone and getting back into the swing of things as much as possible.

With it being a new year, we often find many of our clients are looking to refresh their netting supplies and it can quickly become busy here in the warehouse.

Indeed, often during this winter period people find their rope and netting—regardless of whether it’s been stored away for winter, or has remained out against the elements—is not in quite as good a condition as they would hope.

Well-worn nets can start to fray, tear or even start to lose their shape.

If you are finding that is the case with your rope or netting, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We would be happy to provide exactly what you need to replace your existing stock, and we’ll see how we can put together a competitive deal for you too.

The fact is, after supplying netting to a broad range of industries over our decades in business, we understand how important it is that people can rely on the rope and netting we provide.

Whether a net is being used in a children’s soft play area or on a high-risk work site, we know safety is paramount.

It’s why all of our nets are crafted with the upmost care and checked to make sure they are strong and secure.

And it’s why it’s important to check always check the condition of your netting regularly.

Damage over this winter period can have a big impact on the integrity of your netting, so now is a particularly important time to check it’s in good shape.

Despite the ongoing lockdown, we’re still able to supply all the rope and netting you need, so if you do need some new material, we can help.

As always, you can get in touch with us via email through our contact form on the website here or by calling us directly on 01469 575804.

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