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Which Netting Colours should you Choose?

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Which Netting Colours should you Choose?

Not simply satisfied with bringing you top quality nets – as “one of the UK’s most versatile manufacturers of tailor-made nets and netting solutions” – we understand that there are times when you may want specifically coloured netting. As an example, our Polypropylene Knotless Netting 45mm Square Mesh 3mm comes in six colourways.

Keep on reading as we highlight the reasons for using differently coloured netting in your domestic or industrial setting.

Black Nets

Fishing fleets, warehouses, office premises, commercial and industrial sites can all depend on black netting’s smart and professional look. It makes for discrete roof netting.

With its universal appeal, black netting is also a reliable choice when the colour is irrelevant. Find our range of netting and rope in black here – including the 16mm Polypropylene rope Gym/Fitness/Monkey Swing Rings

Green Nets

We discussed the possibilities for gardening – as well as agriculture – in our article on how to protect your plants this spring. Effective for a range of purposes, from insect netting to the creation of cloches for climbing crops, green netting blends seamlessly into the natural environment.

We can also supply green Braided Polyethylene Netting – 100mm Square Mesh 2.5mm – an effective ball stopper net for tennis courts, leisure centres and outdoor sports clubs.

Red Nets

Displaying the recognised colour of danger, our red netting can be used as a warning for construction and warehouse workers. It might also be used to encourage the growth of trailing ivy and other plants along red-brick house and apartment walls. And it would look fun in a children’s play centre – see our Spiders Web net for inspiration.

This strong colour shows how our netting is ideal for both commercial and domestic customers. Each order is made to the same exacting standards.

Yellow Nets

Based near Cleethorpes, we love a trip to the coast. And our yellow netting can be put to full use when beside the beach. The same applies to lakes and city beaches too. It can function as a barrier, controlling admission to such natural attractions and encouraging or restricting the growth of vegetation at nearby properties.

Stone Nets

Our stone coloured netting is suitable for placement near or against a range of traditional building materials – including Lincolnshire, Yorkshire or Cotswold stone. With its natural tone, this netting variety will be unobtrusive in most settings.

Want to see an example of our stone netting? The Braided Polyethylene Netting – 50mm Square Mesh 3mm is attractive, strong and light.

Blue Nets

Netting can be a life-saver … literally. It can prevent little ones from falling into ponds, pools and large water features. It can also protect pond carp, stopping cats and other animals from tucking into their fish supper.

Of course safety is your top priority. However, our blue netting products will ensure that this necessary safety measure does not detract from the beauty of your aquatic features.

We hope this guide has inspired the use of our durable coloured netting in your business or garden projects – wherever you are based. Contact us on +44 (0) 1469 575 804 or email netting@renco.co.uk for further advice and support.

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