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Not All Netting Is Created Equal: How Our Netting Stands Out

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Not All Netting Is Created Equal: How Our Netting Stands Out

When it comes to manufacturing the netting we sell, you might think it’s all done with machines.

But that’s not the case.

Sure, some of the netting we produce here comes pre-machined, but a surprising amount of our products are actually crafted by hand here in our warehouse.

The quality of our netting is the result of a small team of dedicated net makers, some of whom have been working here at Renco Nets for decades.

Most nets start life in the same way, as a simple length of rope.

Our net makers will measure out the amounts of rope required and then attach one end of one piece to a huge wooden frame that spans the length of our warehouse.

With one piece of rope attached to the frame, they’ll take another piece of rope and begin the process of weaving together the net.

It’s not an easy process and it takes months and even years to master the skill properly.

But because many of our nets are woven by hand in this way, not only will you find the nets are stronger are more hard-wearing than a lot of mass-produced nets, it means we’re able to produce any shape or size to your specifications.

Once the maker has finished weaving together the net, they’ll finish it accordingly with plastic bindings to make sure the ends are strong and durable against fraying and, where required, they’ll apply a plastic coating to some parts of the net.

The net is checked for quality assurance before being rolled up and prepared to be dispatched to the client.

It’s thanks to the fact we take such time and care over the manufacture of our netting that our clients are always happy with the service we provide.

Though the current circumstances provide many new challenges, we continue to make sure every net we craft for our clients is of the highest quality.

So, if you’re in need of quality netting, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Renco Nets.

As ever, you can call us on 01469 575804 or get in touch via the contact form below:

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