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5 of the Best Garden Rope Ideas

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rope swing

5 of the Best Garden Rope Ideas

Available in a range of colours, tough and durable rope may well be the ideal addition to your outdoor space. You might be tempted to buy rope in different materials and diameters for the purposes recommended in this blog.

Flowerpots & baskets

If your traditional terracotta pots are showing the signs of age then you could replace with hard-wearing rope. Simply wind the rope up from the bottom of your rooted plant, using glue to ensure that it remains securely in place.

The same method can be used for the wrapping of ground plants and hanging bundles. If you’re limited on space then our multicoloured polypropylene rope could also be used in the creation of a vertical garden.

Rope swing

A comfy and sturdy rope swing will make the perfect garden addition for the young and young at heart. All that you’ll need is a length of our polypropylene rope and a hardwood timber plank (oak is recommended) with a measurement of at least 18” by 8”.

The wood should be treated for added weather resistance, with the rope being knotted at multiple points to prevent slipping. You should also take care over the selection of a sturdy branch, with padding being used to stop the rope from rubbing directly against the wood. 

Garden border

A rope border can be placed for the separation of your beds into colourful zones. Available in a variety of colours, our 16mm polypropylene rope is particularly well suited to this purpose. Made from rot-proof, weather-resistant, UV-resistant, it will retain its quality appearance all year round.

Very easy to knot and plait, our polypropylene rope is also suitable for a range of commercial uses.

Fairy lights & lanterns

Imagine standing on your decking, drinking your favourite tipple in the company of loved ones under the soothing light of a fairy lights or lanterns. You can turn this vision into a reality through the roped attachment of your preferred lighting to tree branches, fences or garden walls.

The decorative appeal can be enhanced through the tying of different knots and the addition of pretty synthetic flowers. Or you could create a night-time spectacle by winding a set of lights around a thick tree trunk.

Rope Fence

Easy to craft, a rope fence could be fixed for pure decoration or as defined border for your outdoor space. Any one of our durable and weather-resistant ropes will be ideal for such purposes. You can specify precise measurements to ensure the sufficient supply of rope for your garden.

Choose Renco Nets

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to try out some of our garden rope ideas recommended in this blog. Whether you have a need for 10mm Polypropylene 3 Strand Spiltfilm Rope or 16mm Multifilament Soft Rope, you can buy what you need from Renco Nets.

If you have any questions about our rope supplies then please give us a call on (0)1469 575 804 or email netting@renco.co.uk.


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