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5 Rope Exercises to Include In Your Workout

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5 Rope Exercises to Include In Your Workout

If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know that ropes can be used for such intense exercises as skipping, tug of war and mountain climbing. We’ll take it to the next level in this blog, focusing on the types of lung-busting exercises that you could try with tough and durable ropes from Renco Nets. These low impact yet high-intensity exercises will put your whole body to the test, engaging the arms, back, chest, legs and core.

Alternating Battle-Rope Waves

You can begin this exercise by taking a firm grip of the battle ropes. Your feet should be hip-distance apart, with a slight bend in the knees and the weight in your heels (so that the battle rope doesn’t pull you forwards). The ropes should then be waved in and up and down alternating motion, with the speed being increased for more of a workout.

Battle-Rope Fly Whip

Another popular battle-rope exercise, this also begins in a slightly crouched stance with the ropes in each hand. They should then be transferred outwards and inwards for the creation of horizontal waves. Take care not to bang your hands together in a workout sure to increase the strength of your arms, shoulders, chest, traps and rhombus.

Battle-Rope Side Power Slam

While this exercise might have you looking like an angry gorilla, it will put a healthy amount of strain on your body. You should begin in the same stance as for the alternating waves, gripping each of the ropes at knee level. The ropes should be lifted as you fully extend the body, before slamming them back down into the ground.

You can build your confidence gradually while burning the fat with the basic skipping motion. This will involve taking small jumps from the ball of your foot, keeping your abs engaged, and trying to land-softly for minimum impact on the knees. You should take each of the rope handles in the same hand, circling the rope at your side and co-ordinating with the jump. Once this has been perfected you can take the heart-rate up a notch with the beginner’s variation. With the handles in each hand you should rotate the rope, keeping your chin parallel and your feet light for a high-octane workout.

Skipping Boxer Shuffle

You can intensify your skipping routine with the boxer shuffle, shifting your weight from side to side while rotating the rope. The shoulders should be relaxed and your breath as even as possible as the pressure builds. There’s always the option of increasing the rope weight for more impressive results.

With such a great range of physical benefits, you’ll definitely want to buy your own set of exercise ropes. Thankfully you can count on the bespoke Renco Net service, with ropes being made from application-specific materials and to precise dimensions based on your needs. Give us a call on +44 (0) 1469 575 804 or email netting@renco.co.uk to arrange your bespoke order.

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