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5 Reasons to Buy your Netting Supplies from Renco Nets

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5 Reasons to Buy your Netting Supplies from Renco Nets

Based in Immingham, we’re a versatile UK manufacturer of netting solutions and bespoke tailor-made nets. Used in wide-ranging applications such as sports, children’s play areas, and agriculture, we thought it was time to blow our own metaphorical trumpet. That’s why this blog will highlight 5 reasons why we believe you should trust us when buying your netting supplies.

Reputation matters

Not only are we the largest UK company to manufacture flame-retardant netting, but we were the first to do so within this wonderful country. What does this mean for you? Well, our 30 plus years of experience speaks for the quality of our products. In other words, our existing customers have come back for more. Our versatility and strong reputation have built long-lasting relationships both here and overseas. Will you join them?

Seamless production

It’s our innovative approach that separates us from the competition. Indeed, we’re proud to be the only UK manufacturer to create netting products without visible seams. Incredible right? This will improve the look and feel of the nets themselves, reflecting our ‘never stand still’ spirit.

How do we promise no visible seams? It’s all down to the knotless polypropylene nets – a soft feel product with woven meshes – and knotted braided polyethylene – this has a plastic-like texture joined with knotted meshes for ultimate durability. This allows us to connect netting of any length. It’s completely up to you and your netting needs.

Safety first

You want to ensure your netting is as secure as it can be. Thankfully, you can depend on our nets, as they’re created with fire-retardant materials. Conforming to British, European and M1 standards, this approach is safer than producing nets that are simply coated following the manufacturing stage. Water isn’t an issue either, given that our nets retain these properties in the wettest of conditions. Our netting is ideal for the indoors and outdoors.

A wide choice

As our nets are beautifully bespoke, we’re able to fulfil your specification in terms of size. In need of a sewn polypropylene rope edging? Please get in touch to request this add-on feature (at a small additional cost per square meter).

As noted above, our netting products are made from different materials to suit diverse situations. We believe that netting shouldn’t be plain and boring. That’s why we offer a wide range of colour options to suit your tastes. For example, our 45mm square mesh polypropylene knotless netting (3mm diameter) is available in:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue

In need of sports netting? We can provide 100mm square mesh braided polyethylene netting (2.5mm diameter) in black or green. Seeking something more multicoloured? Great! We combine different coloured ropes with our 16mm multifilament soft polypropylene rope.

Diverse delivery options

Always there to exceed your needs, we offer complete flexibility in terms of dimensions, materials and colours. And this flexibility continues when it comes to the delivery of your netting supplies. Whether you have a need for bales, pre-made nets, or rope netting, we should be your suppliers of choice.

Go ahead and browse our extensive product range before placing an order on +44 (0) 1469 575 804. Or drop an email across to netting@renco.co.uk with any queries.

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