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6 Rope Working Tools That You Should Buy

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6 Rope Working Tools That You Should Buy

Available in such materials as polypropylene, poly hemp and nylon, rope is suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Whether being used in construction, agricultural or domestic settings, rope should stay strong and not wear. However, specialist tools must be purchased if you’re to realise professional results, including a visually-pleasing finish. We recommend adding the following tools to your rope-working kit.

Hot knife

With the blade being heated to temperatures in excess of 400 °C in a matter of seconds, a hot knife will allow you to slice rope with relative ease. The two ends will be effectively sealed whether you’re cutting braided or three-strand rope edges. Just be sure to wear a pair of heat-resistant gloves to prevent any burns.


We advise buying specialist scissors for the cutting of tough rope with minimal fraying. Made from high-carbon stainless steel and with a unique guiding profile, the D Splicer Dyneema Scissors is a recommended buy. They will allow you to cut through polypropylene rope without any need for resharpening.

Sailor’s Palm

Available for both the right and left hand, the sailor’s palm can help you to push needles through rope with relative ease. With a comfortable fit, the sailor’s palm will come in particularly handy whether whipping rope or stitching for an eye splice.


Traditionally made from wood or bone, the fid is an essential tool for the separation of rope strands in readiness for splicing. Modern varieties come in aluminum, steel, or plastic; with markings so that you can take exact measurements. Made to support ropes of different thicknesses, they can be used for the the extraction of cores and the intertwining of multiple strands.

Whipping Twine

Sold in different levels of thickness, whipping twine is a vital purchase for the sailor’s toolkit. Also available in a variety of colours, this twine can be used to whip rope ends and fix everything from leather work to sail repairs. Made to withstand the extremes of weather, it will form an effective coating for on-deck jobs.

Rigging Knife

Purposely designed for the cutting of heavy rope, the rigging knife is another essential purchase for the sailor’s toolkit. Such a knife may feature a serrated edge for the sawing of line or a heavy blade which can be hit with a mallet for the effective insertion of rope. It can also be used for the cutting of rope or wire in emergency situations.

Personalised Rope Supplies

If you want to achieve the best results then you should combine the purchase of the recommended tools with high quality rope from Renco Nets. From the 3-strand spiltfilm to the multifilament soft polypropylene, we have all of the essential rope supplies. Drop us a product enquiry or give us a call on 01469 575 804 to order in the most suitable materials and quantities.


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