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5 unique uses for rope you might not have thought of

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5 unique uses for rope you might not have thought of

Rope is an incredibly versatile material that can be utilised in countless different ways.

You have probably used rope yourself for binding materials together, or perhaps you had to climb one in school, used one for skipping, or have been supported by one in outdoor activities such as caving. However, rope can also be – and is – used in a number of other ways that you might not even be aware of.

  1. For Cultural Ceremonies

Some cultures and religions use ropes for spiritual and ceremonial purposes, such as traditional Maypole dances. In the African practice of Ifá, ropes are used during divination and fortune-telling rituals.

  1. In Industry

In some parts of the world, ropes are still used to this day to power traditional water wells, requiring people to manually pull on them to draw up water in buckets. Ropes have a multitude of other uses in industry too, particularly to transfer power between different machines. An example of this is a pulley system or conveyor belt.

  1. To Create Gardens

Ever heard of rope gardens? Yes, ropes can be used in your outdoor spaces to create vertical gardens that act as a framework for a variety of climbing plants to grow on and around.

  1. In Art and Design

Rope is also an excellent tool for creating beautiful art, either by weaving intricate designs such as crochet, or adding texture and depth to a painting. Similarly, rope can look great in home décor as well, in elements like hanging light fixtures, handrails, hammocks or even a fun rope maze to keep your small indoor pet enriched and entertained.

  1. For Survival

Finally, rope is a key possession if you ever find yourself in survival mode in the wilderness. You can use it to build a shelter, as kindling for a fire, or even to create animal traps for food.

Want to invest in some rope of your own?

Rope is a useful material for anyone, and we sell both in bulk for companies and on a smaller, more individual basis. Check out our online stock for a variety of different rope types, and please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure which rope is right for your particular project. You can reach us direct on +44(0)1469 575 804

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