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8 Pests that Might Invade Your Garden This Summer

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8 Pests that Might Invade Your Garden This Summer

Every gardener dreads the devastation caused by summer pests. From butterflies and birds to insects and mice, they will all invade in the hope of a free meal. But don’t despair. Our nets can be draped and used in the creation of fruit cages, fences and tunnels for protection against the kinds of pests covered in this blog.

Carrot Root Flies

True to their name, these flies are strategic egg layers in young carrot (or celery and parsnip) plants. The females place their eggs at the base of these crops. Later hatching as larvae – these pests attack the plant’s roots – turning them yellow as they rot.

Cabbage Butterflies

Whilst beautiful, these butterflies are notorious for ruining brassicas in gardens and allotments. Their offspring (white caterpillars) eat the leaves before channelling into the centre of the plant. The “plants begin to rot and become spoiled”, making your crops inedible.

Check your net is not resting on your brassicas, as the butterflies could lay their eggs on the leaves.


Love them or hate them – pigeons are known to attack peas and brassicas. They nibble the leaves (except the veins), peck-off buds and eat from fruit bushes in the summertime. Placing netting over a hoop is recommended to keep them – and cabbage butterflies – away.

Fruit Moths

These pests can cause the growth of misshapen fruit on trees. They can also encourage the fruit to ripen before it’s ready.

Appearing from late May, there can be one or two generations of these moths depending on the weather. Stop fruit moths from landing on your precious fruit crops for a much better harvest.


Summer is the time when mice breed. Stealing seeds from greenhouses and those scattered by trees – they love eating floral bulbs, fruit and vegetables, alongside crocuses and tulips in late summer (Which).

Be sure to tighten your nets and secure them to the ground/container. This will prevent these unwanted pests from entering your fruit cages and netted tunnels.

Codling Moths

Appearing as adult moths in June and July, their larvae love to feast, mainly on apples, but also on quince, pear, and peach trees. The fruit is left inedible and unsightly.

Ensure any netting does not directly rest on your trees to prevent the laying of eggs.


Feasting on leaves at night, these nocturnal pests are a common sight at the start of summer. They “rasp’ or chew away on leaves, stems, roots, bulbs, tubers, flowers and fruit with their toothed tongue”. Not stopping at leaves, they are also partial to eating the buds of your favourite flowers – including delphiniums.


Although a welcome sight in gardens during the summer months, bluetits “peck rhododendrons, camellias and sweet peas” for the extraction of tasty nectar.

Creating a net cloche or enclosed fence around these flowers can reduce the damage.

Don’t let garden pests ruin your hard work. Our Agricultural nets are made from UV stabilised polyethylene so are perfect for your gardening needs. Call us on +44 (0) 1469 575 804, or email netting@renco.co.uk to place your order before summer arrives.

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