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How UV Radiation Affects Nets & Ropes

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UV radiation

How UV Radiation Affects Nets & Ropes

Invisible to the human eye, ultraviolet (UV) light covers the earth even on the cloudiest and coldest of days. Varying in wavelength from 400 nanometres to 10 nanometres, this kind of light comes under the classifications of UVA, UVB, and UVC. While UVA accounts for 95% of UV radiation, UVB is of much greater strength and potential material impact (with UVC not penetrating the atmosphere). Such UV contact can cause the deterioration of nets and ropes, as highlighted in this blog.

Varying UV Impacts

The level of UV contact varies throughout the year. It is of particularly high intensity during the summer, when the sun is at its highest and there is little cloud cover. This means that exposed materials are likely to deteriorate more quickly at this time of year. Exposed nets and ropes are liable to lose their core strength and have less breaking resistance.

Other signs of UV deterioration include:

  • Stiffening
  • Yellowing
  • Fraying
  • Loss of colour.

Health & Safety Risks

You should be aware that material damage can’t always be detected during visual inspection. Nets and ropes might appear to be as good as new, yet have greatly reduced strength as a result of UV exposure. Such deterioration will mean that your ropes and nets are worryingly easy to tear and in urgent need of replacement. Ignorance of such signs could lead to physical injury or worse.

Given such risks, it is essential to protect netting and ropes against the damaging effects of UV contact. This involves the addition of UV inhibitors during the manufacture of the rope or netting. Such inhibitors block or absorb the radiation and prevent damage.

As an example, our twisted polyethylene netting is UV stabilised for year-round protection against degradation. You can be sure that such heavy duty netting will retain its strength and colour in spite of global warming and increased exposure to sunlight. The same can be said of our polypropylene rope.

Words of Warning

The effectiveness of UV protection will vary depending on such factors as the level of UV additive, pigment type, and the location in which the rope or net is placed. The treatment will also be destroyed as a result of continued UV exposure. So it’s important to carry out regular inspections, replacing your ropes and nets when necessary.

Contact Renco Nets

We hope that this blog has shed light on the importance of UV protection. If you’d like to find out more and buy top quality UV-resistant ropes or nets then you should get in touch with Renco Nets. Simply fill in our contact form, drop an email to or give us a call on +44 (0) 1469 575 804.

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