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Five More Of Your Questions About Netting Answered

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Five More Of Your Questions About Netting Answered

Perhaps you’re stuck choosing the right obstacle for a children’s soft play area?

Maybe you’re at the end of your tether trying to figure out the best rope for a job?

Or maybe you’re just going nuts about nets?

Whatever it is: don’t worry…

Here at Renco Nets we’ve got the answers when it comes to all things netting and rope.

In fact, if you missed our first round of common customer questions…

You can catch up right here.

But right now, we thought it would be useful to run through a few more of your commonly asked questions…

Q1. Where are you based?

Our main offices are here on the coast of North Lincolnshire in a little port town called Immingham.

It’s between Scunthorpe and Grimsby, just off the A180.

It’s a great base for us as it allows us to quickly distribute netting and rope all around the UK and across to Europe.

In fact, it means we can easily provide next day delivery on most of the different types of rope and netting we stock.

Q2. Is there a minimum order size?

Not really.

Whether you’re looking to order in bulk, or you’re after a smaller stock of netting for the garden…

We’ll be happy to supply you.

On the website you’ll often find the standard sizes we stock of different ropes and nets.

But in most cases we can cut things down to smaller sizes if you need us to.

If you’re ever in any doubt, just pick up the phone and give us a call on 01469 575 804 or email us at and we can talk about exactly what you need.

Q3. Can you offer advice on netting?


Anything you need to know about netting or rope…

Just ask us.

Sports netting. Industrial netting. Netting for children’s soft play. Agricultural netting. General twine. Any kind of rope.

Whatever it is – if you’re not sure about something, just ask us and we can give you the guidance you need.

We’ve been in the business for over 30 years now, so there’s not much we don’t know about netting.


Q4. Do you do supply sports netting as well as industrial netting?

We sure do.

And we supply a lot of other types of netting too.

If you need sports netting of any kind, check out our sports netting page here.

If you need children’s soft play netting, check this page out.

If you’re after agricultural netting, you can find what we have in stock right here.

Or if you’re looking for something more general, you can visit our netting page here.


Q5. Is your netting certified to British safety standards?


And European standards too.

In fact, we were the first UK firm to offer flame-retardant netting that’s certified to British, European and M1 standards.

We know our netting is often used in situations to provide safety to the people using it, whether it’s in an industrial site bordering a scaffold or a safety net in a children’s soft play area.

It’s why we always make sure our netting and rope is of the best quality and that you can rely on it to meet your needs.

And there we have it.

Five more questions we commonly get asked about our business.

Of course, if you have any more questions about rope or netting, a member of our helpful team is only ever one quick email or phone call away.

You can call direct on 01469 575 804 or email us at

And if we’ve not covered something here, you might find your question answered in our first round of common customer questions here.

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