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A Net For Everyone: How Renco Nets Helps Different Industries

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A Net For Everyone: How Renco Nets Helps Different Industries

You’d be forgiven for thinking netting is a pretty simple business. A net’s a net, right?

Wrong. You’d be surprised just how many industries we work across here at Renco Nets.

Whether you’re a Sunday football team in need of nets for the goals or an international construction company looking to keep your site safe… it could be one of our nets you’re looking for.

Here’s a look at the five key industries we work across today:


Once upon a time, when you thought about nets…you thought about fishing. It’s why we owe so much to the fishing industry here on the east coast of England. Providing nets for the local industry is what got Renco started.

Today, the fishing industry isn’t quite what it used to be thirty years ago. Still, though fishing nets are no longer our most in-demand type of netting, we’re pleased to still provide bales of netting to all different types of specification.

If you’re in the fishing industry and in need of some quality netting, we’re always happy to provide it.


If the mention of nets doesn’t conjure up the image of a trawler full of hardy men wearing yellow sou’wester hats…chances are you’re more likely thinking of a sport of some kind.

Whether you’re hitting the back of the net when you score a goal in football or slicing a firm back-hand over the net in tennis…nets and sports have gone hand in hand for centuries.

It’s no wonder here at Renco Nets we supply netting for football, cricket, archery, tennis and golf. You name it, there’s likely no sports netting we can’t arrange for you.


Spend the better part of your days on a construction site or a factory floor? Then you’ll no doubt come into some kind of contact with a piece of industrial netting.

Often used for safety to hold things in or stop them falling down or out, we provide a whole host of nets for different industrial uses, such as skip covering, cargo netting or safety nets.

It’s an industry that really puts our netting to the test, but we always make sure our nets are up to the task.


Trying to keep the odd blue tit off the courgettes you’re growing in the back yard is one thing, but trying to keep an entire flock of hungry birds off a whole seasons crop on a farm is an entirely different challenge.

Thankfully, our versatile nets can be woven in ways that make it very difficult for pests to get through. It’s not just birds either, we provide nets to keep out small mammals and other vermin that will try to steal whatever they can.


Perhaps the most recent – yet fastest growing – industry we provide netting for is the children’s soft play industry. It’s a huge, expanding market with demand going up all the time.

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