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Why Polyethylene is the Material of Choice for Sports Netting

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Why Polyethylene is the Material of Choice for Sports Netting

With spring having sprung and the social distancing measures being relaxed our thoughts are turning to outdoor sports. Children and adults are looking forward to showcasing their skills in sports such as football, cricket, and tennis. Now is the ideal time to prepare your outdoor facilities, ensuring that you have safe and durable netting in place.

Polyethylene (otherwise known as polyethylene or PE) is our recommended material for indoor and outdoor netting. Produced in great quantities throughout the world and traditionally used in the packaging of plastic bags and bottles; polyethylene has a variety of qualities that make it ideally suited for sporting purposes. Keep on reading as we cover the reasons for buying this sports netting material.

Wide-ranging suitability

Our braided polyethylene netting is suitable for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor sports. It can be used as safety netting for indoor play areas and perimeter netting for sports and leisure centres. It is able to withstand the impact of high-speed tennis serves and football penalties. Given the suitability for soft play, sports and leisure it’s little wonder that polyethylene netting is such a popular choice.

Weather Resistance

Nylon is typically seen as the first-choice alternative to polyethylene. However, we advise our customers against the use of nylon for outdoor use as it soaks up moisture. This means that it is likely to rot, shrink, and discolour given continuous exposure to rain. This isn’t the case when it comes to the application of relatively high-strength polyethylene netting. Nor will the UV-stabilised polyethylene degrade as a result of direct sunlight exposure.

Impact Absorption

Knotted or ‘braided’ polyethylene is well known for its high levels of strength and durability. It is able to withstand the repeat impact of heavily struck balls. The high level of ductility and impact strength means that it can plastically deform without losing its shape. You can rely upon the durability of polyethylene no matter how many six-hitting shots or penalties are struck.

Ease of Maintenance

Knotted polyethylene netting is very easy to take down and repair in the rare event of damage. It can be inspected at the end of each sporting season, with maintenance work being carried out as necessary. The eco-friendly polyethylene is also very easy to clean; with soap and water being all that is needed to keep your netting in pristine condition.

Choose Renco Nets

You can be assured of the quality of polyethylene netting available from Renco Nets. Fully appreciating the importance of safety, we have had our polyethylene nets tested and certified to British and European standards. Available in black and green our custom-made polyethylene nets are suitable for sports clubs, schools, leisure centres, and other facilities.

Make the smart choice and buy your polyethylene netting from Renco Nets.

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