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Answering Your Football Net Questions

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Answering Your Football Net Questions

The beautiful game deserves a durable, weatherproof and expertly constructed net from Renco Nets. The goalposts are the crowning glory of your pitch and need to withstand goals. They also have the added practicality of stopping the ball. Step forward Renco Nets’ Braided Polyethylene Netting.

We’re often asked key questions about this vital sports netting. As recommended sport net manufacturers, we wanted to give our perspective on the sourcing of new netting for your leisure centre, school, club or garden goal.

What Size of Football Net Do I Need?

The Football Association (FA) states that a full-size football goal in UK youth (15+ years) and adult matches must measure 24×8 feet. Therefore, many sports clubs, schools and leisure centre pitches will feature goalposts of these dimensions to meet these regulations and familiarise younger players with this scale.

But ultimately, the decision is yours if you’re not governed by FA regulations. At Renco Nets, we can cater to small garden-sized pitches by replacing the (often inferior) net supplied once damaged. Whatever level of football you play, remember to measure the width and height more than once to avoid delays and disappointment.

Does the Type of Goalpost Affect My Measurements?

Not all goalposts are the same.

You’ll also need to factor in the category of your football goal. Three net configurations exist, depending on your chosen goalpost design.

These include:

  • Standard nets
  • Straight back nets
  • Stadium box nets.

Each type gives the net a different look. Standard nets feature two ‘D’ shaped brackets at the top corners that give a deeper goal than straight back nets. This second design falls back at a 45-degree angle from the top bar. Whilst, stadium box nets are the ‘go-to’ choice for top-flight clubs and are held in place at the top and bottom edges to form a ‘box’ shape with stanchions.

To create the required drape, we’d recommend supplying the additional measurements of how deep your nets need to be at the top or bottom.

What Are Renco Nets Made From?

Expect to receive high-quality football netting when you place your order with us. We only use hardwearing and weatherproof polyethylene in our sports netting. Your new nets will withstand the elements and polyethylene has many benefits. We discussed this in our blog What is Polyethylene & Why Should You Choose It?.

In terms of its woven construction, many believe that a braided net looks better and is even more durable than other types of netting. Perhaps that’s why many clubs across Europe prefer this option.

What Grade of Netting Will I Need?

The ‘grade’ can also be known as the thickness of the cord used. For longevity, you have to factor in the force or strike power of the players expected. Usually, an adult will hit the ball stronger than a child can. Also, a net with a larger gauge will last for longer and be able to absorb more goals (and player celebrations) than a thinner gauge net throughout its lifetime.

The above sports netting product has a gauge of 2.7mm, making it suitable for general use. It can also be used to divide up an area for training and prevent accidents by limiting the distance of wayward kicks. Use it in enclosed spaces such as indoor gyms and outdoor sports centres or school playgrounds.

Avoid Scoring an Own Goal … Choose Football Netting Tailor-made For Your Needs

No one wants to have to stop a game to repair their club’s goal nets. Buying high-quality netting from Renco Nets will therefore save you time and embarrassment. Hold matches with pride by shopping for Sports Netting with an established net producer. Call our team on +44 (0) 1469 575 804 or email to start the ball rolling.

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