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What is Polyethylene & Why Should You Choose It?

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What is Polyethylene & Why Should You Choose It?

In chemical terms, polyethylene (commonly abbreviated as PE) is comprised of a strand of connected carbon atoms, with two hydrogen atoms on the other sides. It is now recognised as a vital component in the production of products such as shampoo bottles, bleach containers, and netting.

However the world might never have known of polyethylene if it hadn’t been for an accident made by the German chemist Hans von Pechmann in 1898. It was his mishap that resulted in the preparation of the white, waxy substance, which his scientific colleagues named polymethylene.

Although PE was produced in subsequent experiments of the early 20th century, it was only in 1951 that a method was found for the commercial production of the substance. This major scientific breakthrough incorporated the use of catalysts, essential for polymerization at mild temperatures and pressures.

Polyethylene has come to be produced in high density and low density forms; with the low-density variety being extruded using a mix of high pressure and high temperature, and the high-density variety being extruded with low pressure and low temperature.

As mentioned, polyethylene is now recognised as an ideal substance for the mass manufacture of netting. And it’s proven a very popular choice, with Renco Nets stocking a selection of highly durable braided polyethylene nets.

But why is polyethylene preferred over other substances and what types of netting applications is it best suited to?

Read on as we answer these key questions.

Resistance to impact

Polyethylene has a high level of ductility and impact strength, making it particularly suitable for sport and leisure applications.

The tight braiding means that such nets can sustain the repeated impact of powerfully struck footballs and cricket balls without being stretched or bent out of shape.

There’s even a choice of polyethylene netting colours, sure to be suitable for your sports club or leisure centre.

High breaking strength

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) can be extruded into a monofilament and twisted for strength and durability, giving it a breaking strength far in excess of 14kg.

Such netting is also subject to a high heat source, allowing for tightening of the knots and prevention of slippage.

While being used primarily across play areas and leisure activities, this heavy-duty netting is also ideal for fencing/borders and industrial purposes.

A safe choice

Flame-retardant ingredients can be included in the manufacture of braided polyethylene netting, limiting the risk of fire within play centres and other indoor areas.

A UV stabiliser may also be added to prevent the netting from becoming brittle given continued exposure to sunlight.

And you have the option of buying polyethylene netting with a small mesh – perfect for preventing little feet from going off course.

Choose Renco Nets

With braided polyethylene netting in various square mesh sizes, Renco Nets are certain to have your needs covered.

However, if you’re in need of any further guidance then you can always give us a call on 01469 575804.

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