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Children’s Soft Play Remains Closed for Now: But We Can Help You Get Prepared

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Children’s Soft Play Remains Closed for Now: But We Can Help You Get Prepared

As lockdown measures are eased for many businesses, our sympathy goes out to all of our clients in the children’s soft play industry.

It remains one of the few types of business that must remain closed.

Especially now with school holidays coming into full effect, parents need support to keep their kids entertained more than ever. Usually children’s soft play centres help in a big way.

We hope they’ll be back in business soon.

Indeed, we’ve been supplying rope and netting to children’s soft play centres for many years now. It’s one of our main areas of demand and we love providing different types of obstacle to entertain, engage and even challenge children.

It really is a great way to keep the kids happy.

Not only does it stimulate them physically, imagining a rope bridge might stretch across a scary pirate ship or a scramble net is suspended over a deep ravine full of alligators and sharks gets their creativity firing too.

Hopefully the government will soon be able to ease the lockdown measures further and announce some good news for children’s soft play centres.

In the meantime, we know many of our soft play clients are busy revamping their stock and refreshing their more worn items while they have this enforced downtime.

If you’re in the children’s soft play industry and you’re looking to change some of the obstacles in your centre or if you need to replace worn out items in preparation for reopening, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Renco Nets.

Whatever type of netting or rope obstacle you might need for a children’s soft play area, we can organise and create it for you.

We’re able to produce many of the items here on site and can therefore tailor most things to fit existing spaces or as an exact replacement for an item you already have that’s seen better days.

Or, if you’re looking for some new ideas, you might want to check out the Play and Leisure page on our website here:

Play and Leisure.

As always, you can email us at or call us direct on 01469 575804 and we’ll be happy to help and answer any questions you might have about supplying children’s soft play items.

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