We’ve been striving to master this ancient craft for over 25 years - Renco Nets Ltd

We’ve been striving to master this ancient craft for over 25 years

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We’ve been striving to master this ancient craft for over 25 years

Net making is an ancient craft that goes back thousands of years. From the earliest rudimentary branch nets used for fishing to the modern polyethylene meshes used to shield crops…it’s a craft that takes longer to master than you might expect.

Indeed, we’ve been practicing our craft here at Renco for over 25 years now and we’re constantly exploring new techniques and materials to make sure we stay at the cutting edge of the industry. It’s why we were the first company in the UK to offer flame-retardant netting and still remain the largest supplier.

Today it can take new members of the Renco team many months before they truly understand and master the different techniques we’ve developed to produce the various types of net and rope we provide for our valued clients.

Learning the craft

Whenever we welcome someone new to the team, they’ll begin by shadowing one of our net making experts for a number of weeks, studying the different materials and techniques we use.

They’ll learn about everything from the ‘knotless’ polypropylene nets we manufacture for our clients in the soft-play industry to the coarser, braided mesh nets our clients in construction need for hauling bricks and securing skips.

As a new trainee begins to understand what goes into the process, they’ll start crafting nets themselves. It’s something that takes time to learn…and a lot of practice. It’s one of those things you really need to ‘learn on the job,’ as they say.

Only once we’re totally confident they’ve mastered the process of net making will a new recruit’s training progress to the manufacturing and production of rope. We offer many different types to our clients, as well as all the various netting solutions.

Well measured

Whether it’s producing net or rope, when it comes to mastering our craft, getting the right measurements is key. That’s why it’s important that as well as evidencing a good command of the craft itself, all of our new experts need a good grasp of numbers and maths…they need a good head, as well as good hands.

No matter if it’s a solid safety net for a construction site, an exciting ropewalk for a kids’ soft-play area, or a cricket practice net to catch those flying sixes…for our valued clients, getting the right size and fit first time is vital.

Finally, after what could be months of intensive, on-the-job training, our new craftsman or woman will start working directly on live projects by themselves, helping provide our valued clients with the quality of service they’ve come to expect as standard from Renco.

So, no matter what industry you’re in…if you need strong, safe and reliable net or rope for a variety of uses…you can trust our experts to help. You can be confident every member of the Renco team is striving to advance our craft so we can better help your business.

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