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Same rope, new techniques: How the netting industry has developed over the years

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Same rope, new techniques: How the netting industry has developed over the years

We’ve seen a lot change in the 30 years we’ve been manufacturing netting here at Renco Nets, but one thing has remained constant throughout…our rope.

Though we’ve seen demand for different types of netting change, from coarse nets for fishing to soft nets for children’s soft play, the types of rope we use have largely stayed the same. We’ve been working with four key types – polypropylene, poly hemp, yarn construction and nylon – for over three decades.

But it’s certainly not ‘money for old rope’, as they say. As the netting industry has become so competitive, another thing we’ve seen change is the price of rope, it’s been steadily increasing for a while now. As a result, today we source materials not just from Europe but also from suppliers all over the world.

Tying ourselves in knots

Whereas the types of rope we use in the manufacturing of our nets hasn’t changed much since we began, one thing that has definitely changed is the way we work with the rope.

In the early days, when we mostly supplied the local fishing industry with coarse, but reliable trawler nets, we would mostly use ‘knotted’ polyethylene, which is very durable.

However, as the industry has developed and we’ve found ourselves supplying more and more nets for soft play, the techniques we use have changed too. When you’ve got soft-skinned toddlers clambering all over them as opposed to scaly fish, it’s vital the nets aren’t causing scrapes and scratches. It’s why these days we also use ‘knotless’ polypropylene meshes, which are woven together and are much softer to the touch.

But whether the brief calls for knots, or not…thanks to the versatility of the different ropes we have at our disposal, we can produce a net appropriate for almost anything.

Indeed, clients often come to us in need of netting that stops people climbing too. Here the same base rope types come into action, but we bind them together in a different way, producing a very tiny mesh that’s nigh on impossible to grip onto. These anti-climb nets can be used to stop vandals, and kids for that matter, getting where they shouldn’t.

Leading innovation

Though not much changes in the core materials we use, it doesn’t stop us from constantly testing new materials as well as new techniques to help us discover innovative ways to provide a better product to our clients.

We we’re proud to be the first UK firm to offer flame-retardant netting…and we’re still the largest. Indeed, it’s important to everyone here at Renco Nets that we remain an industry leader and set the gold standard when it comes to netting.

So, with netting needs changing all the time, if you’re ever unsure of the type of rope or netting that would best suit your project don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always on hand to discuss the products we can produce and offer you our expert insight. You can call us anytime from 8am to 4pm on 01469 575 804.

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