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When Should You Replace Your Netting?

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When Should You Replace Your Netting?

Ask most people when you should replace a net and they’ll answer:

When it breaks.

Problem is: if you’re using the net as safety netting on a building site, or if it’s a spider’s web net raised off the ground in a children’s soft play area…

Waiting until it breaks could be too late.

The last thing you want is falling debris to break through and hit staff working onsite or, even worse, see a child falling from any kind of height as they try to scale a seemingly safe obstacle.

The good news is: the nets we produce here at Renco Nets are incredibly strong, hardwearing and long lasting, so it’s not a problem you’ll need to worry about very often.

But still, it pays to be sensible and make sure you set in place a system of some description to regularly check on the condition of your nets.

Whether they’re being used in an industrial, agricultural or recreational situation – you should ideally have reminders to check on their integrity every three to six months, depending on how regularly they’re being used.

What to check for to make sure your nets are safe
The key thing you’re looking for is excessive wear and tear to the rope or twine the net is made of.

A good tip is to have to hand a fresh piece of the same netting you keep safe in a drawer.

That way, you can more easily compare your netting visually and see just how worn the net you’re using actually is.

Ultimately, you’re looking for signs of fraying in the rope or twine, especially at the point where the netting is woven together.

Or if you can see that the links themselves are fraying, it may be time to replace.

If a net has been exposed to a lot of rain or had been left soak too long in water, this is likely to result in the net becoming more worn, potentially weaker and more liable to break.

(Be sure to fully dry any nets after they’ve been used around water to help prevent this from happening.)

If you do notice excessive wear and tear to a particular net or rope and you’re worried it’s integrity might be called into question, it’s advisable to replace it BEFORE it breaks.

Whatever type of net it might be…

Whether it’s a safety net for an industrial site, a rope bridge for a children’s soft play area, or a fine mesh agricultural net to cover crops…

We can help you replace it with a strong, hardwearing and long-lasting new one.

Just get in touch with us here at Renco Nets by emailing us on netting@renco.co.uk or call us direct on +44 (0) 1469 575 804 and we’ll be happy to help.

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