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5 Ways to Use Netting at your Sports Club or Venue

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5 Ways to Use Netting at your Sports Club or Venue

If you’ve had a look at our sports netting page then you’ll know that we offer braided polyethylene netting, suitable for a range of sporting applications. Designed to keep a safe division between participants and sustain heavy impacts, such netting is the ideal choice for your sports club or venue. Read on as we highlight the most common uses of this square mesh netting.

Football Goals

As the fastest football shots are struck at speeds of up to 118mph, it’s essential that you choose robust and durable netting. With a thickness of 2.77mm, our braided polyethylene netting is a winning choice. Stronger than the knotted variety, the polyethylene netting is made to last decades without any deterioration.

Tennis Netting

Strong and energy-absorbent, braided netting is also a fine choice for the tennis court. Balls will drop close, rather than rebounding, when struck against this type of net. The polyethylene netting is also ideal for the outdoors, given its high levels of weather-proofing and UV resistance. It’s no wonder that such durable braided netting is the first choice at Wimbledon.

Cricket Nets

With a weight of 155.9-163.0 grams and a circumference of 8 13/16-9 inches, a firmly struck cricket ball can cause significant damage to people and property. However, you can minimise such risks with heavy-duty polyethylene netting. Whether used as roof netting or divide netting, it will withstand high-octane impacts all year round.

Golf Netting

Braided netting can also be used to prevent the damage of people and poperty around the golf course. Used to contain flying balls on the driving range, such netting will give your players the assurance of not causing any damage when their balls go off-course. It will also be much easier to find any balls that haven’t quite made the green; saving time and money for keen golfers.

Archery Netting

While the Olympic athletes are able to shoot their arrows with Robin Hood levels of accuracy, braided netting is an essential purchase for any indoor or outdoor practice centres. Hanging loosely around the target area, such netting will effectively stop any flying arrows for the greatest safety. The attachment of such netting will allow the amateur archers to hone their skills in confidence.

Choose Renco Nets

Made to withstand repeat impacts and available in a choice of black or green, our braided polyethylene netting will make a fine choice for your sports club or venue. However, if the standard netting isn’t entirely suitable, then we can supply bespoke supply netting in application-specific materials, colours and dimensions. Give us a call on +44 (0) 1469 575 804 or email netting@renco.co.uk to discuss your netting needs.

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