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Your most commonly asked questions about Renco Nets

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Your most commonly asked questions about Renco Nets

We love to hear from our customers…

And we’re regularly on the phone to answer questions about the various different elements of rope and netting products we provide.

We’re always happy to advise you as best as we can…

And should you ever have a specific question about something, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can call direct on 01469 575 804 or email us at

But we thought it would be useful to run through five of the questions we get asked most often.

Maybe one of the questions might have been on your mind without realising it and hopefully the answer will help.

First up:

Q1. Can I order a net to fit a specific size?

The simple answer is yes.

We can make nets to fit any shape and size.

No matter how weird or wonderful your need might be we can usually sort it out for you.

Sure we’re able to supply fixed-size netting if that’s what you’re after…

But if you’ve got a specific space you need to fill, or if you’re in need of a particularly strange shape – we can sort that too.

We can hand-craft unique nets to whatever measurement they need to be, so just give us a call or email us and we can get to work.

How long will it take?

Well that’s the next most popular question…

Q2. How long does it usually take to manufacture and deliver your nets?

Well – the fact is: we pride ourselves on being the fastest in the business.

In most cases, we can usually have your netting order with you the very next day.

Not bad, right?

Of course, sometimes it might take a bit longer if there’s a detail that will need us to take time over or material we need to get in stock.

But we aim to have all netting deliveries out within a maximum of three days.

And we’ll always be very clear with you about exactly when you can expect your order to be delivered, so you can plan accordingly.

Q3. Do you fit the nets you provide?

No. We don’t fit the nets ourselves.

But all of our products can be designed and manufactured to meet the exact measurements you need.

When it comes to requesting a specific size of net or particular length of rope, you can always give us a quick phone call to talk about the measurements.

A lot of our nets are made bespoke so if you’ve got a strange space to fit, it’s no problem.

Which leads us to…

Q4. What if there’s a problem and you need to return the product?

First off – it’s not a problem. We have a full refund policy set up to make sure you’re covered.

Providing you’re able to return the product to us within 30 days, that’s fine.

You can read our full returns policy here.

Of course, we don’t think you’ll have a problem with any of our products.

As the vast majority of items are made to order, we take great care in crafting everything accordingly…

And we always make sure everything we deliver is of the highest quality and appropriate for the job at hand.

On that note, the final question we often get asked is…

Q5. What’s the difference between polyethylene and polypropylene?

A5. Poly-ETH-y-lene is the most common plastic in the world…

Poly-PROP-y-lene is the second most common.

They are very similar but the difference really comes down to toughness and resistance to heat.

Polyethylene it’s mostly it’s used for packaging, due to it being relatively light but extremely durable.

We use it in a wide range of different products, from cricket practice nets to the scramble nets used in children’s soft-play materials.

Being that bit tougher, polypropylene makes for great rope. We supply a variety of different types, including multicolour polypropylene rope, which is pretty rare in the industry.

If you’re ever in doubt as to which you should be using, just give us a call and let us know what you plan on using it for and we’ll advise accordingly.

Remember, with any question you might have about rope or netting, a member of our helpful team is only ever one quick email or phone call away.

You can call direct on 01469 575 804 or email us at

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