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Choosing the right mesh size for your needs

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Choosing the right mesh size for your needs

What does Mesh Size mean?

Mesh size refers to the opening or gap between the individual strands of fibres that make up a net. Naturally, depending on your specific requirements, you will need to consider the most appropriate mesh size for you. But the big question is, how do you determine exactly which size is best?

Factors to consider when choosing your mesh size

The first step is to determine the primary purpose of the net. Climbing nets, for example, should have a large enough mesh size for someone to grip on to. Conversely, if you are hoping to store small items, the mesh size must be able to contain them effectively without them slipping through the gaps.

Mesh size also affects the overall strength and durability of a net. Smaller mesh sizes typically provide greater strength and resistance to tearing, making them more suitable for heavy-duty applications. However, it is important to also remember that if the contents of your net rely on space, water or air circulation, this will be more restricted the smaller your mesh size.

You may be tied to specific regulations. In this case, you should heed the advice of your sector standards to ensure you are selecting the most suitable netting for purpose.

How we can help you

Selecting the right mesh size is crucial for the functionality, effectiveness and performance of nets in all kinds of applications, so we understand how this decision could be a little daunting at first. Renco Nets supplies nets in a variety of different mesh sizes, from 8mm to 100mm, and we are always ready for a consultation should you require our advice or guidance about which type of net will be most suitable for your needs prior to your purchase.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +44(0)1469 575804 to discuss your requirements.

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