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The Industrial Uses of Netting

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The Industrial Uses of Netting

Focused on the production of versatile and tailor-made netting products, Renco Nets continue to serve a wide range of industries. Our exclusive collection of strong and durable netting products has been expanded to include fine mesh sheets and polyethylene netting. You can be assured that all of these industrial netting products are tested and certified to British and European standards, with a fire-retardant solution being used in the manufacturing process.

Read on as we highlight the common uses of our industrial netting.

Litter Covering

Our heavy-duty polyethylene netting can be draped over waste and construction areas to prevent the spread of rubbish. You can attach the netting to a scaffold or a series of poles for a fenced enclosure. Made to withstand major wear and tear, our 50mm Square Mesh netting will collect any litter for as long as necessary.

Heavy Lifting

You can also rely on our heavy-duty polyethylene netting when it comes to the lifting of heavy loads. The netting is commonly attached to a crane (our multifilament rope is ideal) for safe and secure transportation. This method can be used for the movement of small yet heavy items such as bags of cement or bricks.

Goods Separation

Our braided polyethylene netting products can be used for the effective separation of large and valuable goods. Whether you want to ensure the separation of fragile components, furniture parts, or food products, you can take confidence in our industrial netting. It can be produced in custom colours and cut to sizes of your choosing for optimum protection.

Pallet Racking

You can rely on our polyethylene netting when it comes to the securing of warehouse pallets. Installed alongside racking systems, such industrial netting will effectively prevent racks from falling when selected items are picked. It will be a welcome safeguard for your warehouse staff.

Skip Covering

Polyethelene netting can be draped for the enclosure of skips and other containers. Made to size, such netting should fit securely around the perimeter, with enough flexibility for the covering of any protruding items. You could even attach the netting with our 3-strand splitfilm rope.


Other uses of heavy-duty netting include:

  • Protection of fresh produce from insects
  • Worksite fencing and screening
  • Prevention of access to rooftop areas
  • Bird control and deterrence
  • Prevention of falls from heights
  • Protection of sporting environments (such as those used for football and cricket)

Contact Renco Nets

Able to supply heavy-duty netting in a variety of application-specific materials, colours, and precise dimensions, Renco Nets should be your first choice for industrial projects. Go ahead and give us a call on +44 (0) 1469 575804 or email for recommendations to suit your industrial needs.


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