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Five Times When You Should Use Twine

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Five Times When You Should Use Twine

Our 4mm Braided Polyethylene Twine is a workhorse of a cord. Available in a wide range of colours, it has the strength, flexibility and moisture resistance to help you complete a range of tasks. Continue reading to learn when this synthetic product is the best for the job.

Maintaining Play Areas

We would recommend maintaining soft play areas and playground apparatus regularly. The twine we sell is ideal for repairing netting of the same diameter and specification, ensuring safety standards are met.

Being water resistant it’s suitable for the maintenance of indoor and outdoor sites. The different colours help to add interest to the climbing nets, so young explorers will enjoy their time on the course.

Repairing Fishing Nets

Our durable polyethylene twine is ideally suited to the repair of fishing nets. Snagged or broken nets are unfit for purpose and can significantly lower your catch for the day, week and month. However, you can mend any gaps with our polyethylene twine.

You won’t need to worry about water or oily residue weakening your net either. Our twine is both water and oil abrasion resistant.

Out in the Garden

With superior durability to natural twine, our polyethylene twine can prove extremely useful for year-round gardening. As the summer months end, you can loop twine around your spade and other tool handles to keep them off the ground. This will neatly organise your shed or garage, ready for planting bulbs and shrubs in the spring.

Our twine will prove reliable for supporting young fruit trees and ornamental plants too. Use it to tie beans and tomato plants, along with plant canes. Or display windchimes and birdfeeders from fences and trees; confident this twine won’t be tested by the elements or any sharp-toothed wildlife.

When Redecorating Your Home

Crafts that incorporate cords and twine have surged in popularity in recent years. From baskets to coasters to twine-wrapped vases and beyond, macrame, crochet and weaving can help anyone make their own interior stamp.

The joy of hand-crafting is enhanced by the large range of colours we stock, including blue, yellow, green, red and stone. Mix and match the twine in an eye-catching design or colour code the finished items. Everyone can get involved with these relaxing hobbies.

To Make Do and Mend

Our parents and grandparents practiced a ‘make do and mend’ approach to life. And it’s a philosophy that has returned with the rise of the crafts movement. Simply cut fresh herbs from your garden before binding them with our twine and leaving to dry for the preparation of tantalising meals.

Are you growing lavender or flowers in your garden? Why not preserve a sprig or cut flower so you can enjoy them for longer. The twine we supply comes on 200m spools, so you can use it within many different projects before running low.

Get in Touch

Twine proves useful in a range of leisure, industrial and hobby settings. Call our office on +44 (0) 1469 575 804 or contact us to see how we can help you start that twine-based project.

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