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The Heavy-duty Uses of Netting & Twine

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The Heavy-duty Uses of Netting & Twine

Whether you have a need for the covering of landfill waste or warehouse stock, our netting supplies are highly recommended. However, you may be unsure of the appropriate choice, given the range of materials available. There’s no need to worry as we detail the most common heavy duty uses in this blog.

Play area safety

Our flame-retardant braided polyethylene netting is perfectly suited to the construction of safe outdoor play areas. Available in a choice of blue or green, this cost-effective netting may be used in the construction of supportive bridges, spider’s webs, and much else besides. It is manufactured in accordance with strict safety specifications and is nye on impossible to vandalise or damage by flame. You may also use it to limit the risk of spreading fire within an indoor play space.

Litter containment

This type of netting is commonly used for the covering of landfill waste. It prevents loose rubbish from being blown about and accumulating in surrounding areas. We recommend the heavy duty braided Polyethylene netting for this purpose. It can be cut to size and attached to secure posts to stop the garbage escaping.

Lorry & skip security

The braided polyethelene netting can be draped over the top of lorries and skips to prevent the scattering of loads and random debris. We are even able to tailor such netting to suit your sizing specifications. You can be assured that polyethelene is tough enough to withstand direct handling and exposure to the extremes of weather.

Bird prevention

Our highly versatile polyethylene netting can also be used to keep birds and other small critters at bay. You can drape it over buildings, roofs and other outdoor areas for year-round protection. The lightweight and easily transportable netting will prevent such issues as nesting, damage, and health problems as a result of exposure to droppings.

Work site covering

Our fine mesh netting is a recommended choice for the covering of bricks and other worksite loads. Featuring a sheet of air-permeable PVC coated polyethylene, it will ensure protection no matter the weather. You can even use it to restrict access to construction sites and areas in which excavation or restoration projects are taking place. It is advised that you attach the mesh to ground spikes for such purposes.


Our nylon twine is ideally suited to the wrapping of hay and straw. Available in a range of diameters and colours, twine effectively prevents the absorption of moisture and dust. It is surprisingly strong and easy to tie together. You can also use it for a variety of heavy-duty roping applications.

Choose Renco Nets

No matter the required level of netted protection or support, Renco Nets have you covered. From polypropylene splitfilm rope, to heavy duty braided polyethylene netting, we can arrange supplies to suit your needs.

If you’re still in doubt about the best choice then we’d be more than happy to advise you. Go ahead and make any enquiry via our website or give us a call on +44 (0) 1469575804 today.


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