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The Essential Netting Supplies for Christmas

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Christmas Netting

The Essential Netting Supplies for Christmas

The high-quality netting supplies we manufacture at Renco Nets have a range of applications in the run-up to Christmas. Available in a range of thicknesses and festive colours, many of our products are engineered for resistance to the elements. Add in some rope and twine, and there are four indoor/outdoor essentials you’ll need during this exciting season and beyond.

Braided Polyethylene Netting – 50mm Square Mesh 4mm thickness

Available in Christmas shades including green, red and yellow (as well as classic black), our braided polyethylene netting will withstand the test of wintery weather. Measuring 4mm in diameter and perfect for the organisers of Christmas sporting events, our coloured netting can be used to improve the look of football grounds and tennis courts. Why buy ordinary braided netting, when our berry red and star yellow colourways will turn up the fun factor for attendees?

This netting can also be used by commercial and domestic customers to secure Christmas string lights to outdoor structures, hedges and trees. Camouflage with green and black options, so you never have to sacrifice the appearance of your garden or village display. And our hardwearing nets will require minimal year-round maintenance.

Twisted Polyethylene Netting – 19mm Black

Lightweight, flexible and UV stabilised to withstand wintery weather, our 19mm Square mesh 12/6 Twisted Polyethylene Netting proves invaluable when guarding your garden or allotment crops against pests.

Birds often help themselves to a free lunch when flying over your fruit and vegetable patches. But, allowing too many visitors to stock up on the sprouts, carrots and turnips you’ve lovingly grown, may mean you lose out on enjoying a homegrown Christmas dinner.

More discrete than the brighter colours offered in our other netting solutions, it has 19mm wide square gaps to let your produce breathe. Take this opportunity to cover different crops and enjoy the taste of fresh ingredients come the 25th December. Plus, it’s easily secured to garden canes, fences and raised wooden beds with the option of adding edging for £0.30 per square metre.

16mm Polypropylene Rope

Holding a Christmas-themed woodland walk is a special way to make magical memories, whether it’s for your family or at a large-scale winter event.

This 16mm synthetic polypropylene rope enables you to design a festive trail and direct the flow of traffic for the best experience. Enhance the look and highlight different areas along the way by combining these shiny green, red, blue and yellow cords along the route.

Our rope can be draped along handrails or on trees as festive decoration. Use it to highlight out-of-bounds areas and safely cover garden ponds (it also floats). One thing is sure, this rot-proof, weather-resistant and UV-resistant rope has the potential to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

4mm Braided Polyethylene Twine

Whilst this essential netting accessory is most often used for repairing nets during the year, it can also be purposed for exciting leisure activities this Christmas.

Combining different colours for a stylish effect, we bring our hardwearing 4mm braided twine to you in an incredible eight colours; including the black, red, yellow and green choices seen in our previous netting items. Use it to create decorative items to sell as a business or as individual gifts for friends and family.

You could turn your hand to the creation of these festive favourites:

  • Macrame gifts
  • Indoor/outdoor wreaths
  • Making tree ornaments and loops
  • Wrapping presents.

Available to buy on 1kg spools, you can choose to combine multiple colours – the possibilities are endless with Renco Nets supplies this Christmas.

Customer-centred Netting Supplies

Finding festive netting, rope and twine is just a few clicks away with Renco Nets. Browse the entire range on our website and don’t forget to call us on 01469 575 804 or email with any questions or specific requirements. We’re here to help!

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