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Gardening hacks – How trellis netting supports healthy plant growth

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Gardening hacks – How trellis netting supports healthy plant growth

When it comes to cultivating a thriving garden, providing proper support for your plants is crucial. Trellis netting offers an effective, versatile and relatively inexpensive solution for supporting various types of plants, from ivy to clematis flowers to tomato vines. Keep reading for handy hacks and why we believe our netting is perfect for a happier, healthier garden.

What do we mean by Trellis Netting?

Trellis netting is an alternative to a wooden trellis, designed to work as something for vines to hold onto and weave around for support as they grow. Installing a trellis net is a great way of optimising space in your garden whilst hosting a variety of plants that would struggle to survive on the ground.

The benefits of Trellis Netting

Trellis netting comes with a wealth of benefits.

Firstly, it is excellent for maximising garden space, because it trains the plant to grow upwards rather than outwards in a climbing motion. If you have one type of flower growing up your new wall, you can still plant another on the ground below it, or even use the space for a lawned area or a piece of furniture. As well as creating space, a trellis can also be a great way to zone different areas of your garden or field, as once your plant has taken hold it can act as a dividing wall.

In addition to this, trellis netting supports an increased airflow around your plant, minimising the chances of moisture buildup and the development of fungal diseases. As your plants are also closer to the sun when grown this way, their overall growth and nutrient absorption will improve. With the plants being so visible and accessible, the harvesting of any fruits becomes a little easier to maintain too.

Which Net Is Right For Me?

When choosing the size of your net, be sure to carefully measure the space in which it will be fitted to ensure it covers a large enough area, and make sure you select a small enough mesh size for your plants to intertwine safely and neatly with. If you would like any advice when making your purchase, please feel free to ask a member of the team for their recommendations.

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